Update: Jeremy Renner Is 'Very Much Part Of The Marvel Family'

Jeremy Renner

by Brett White

A rumor started floating around last week that Marvel was going to give Jeremy Renner the axe, leaving some purple Hawkeye boots to either fill or throw in the closet come "Avengers 2." This news hit me pretty hard, seeing as how I'm a very vocal supporter of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye (and Hawkguy in general). But now there's an unnamed source saying that rumors of Renner's departure were greatly exaggerated! Aw yeah! So who has this exclusive story? It's... Perez Hilton? Oh... okay.

Listen, nothing against Perez Hilton, this is just the first time in Splash Page's lengthy history that we've reported on a story from that site, only because our world's rarely ever meet. But "The Avengers" is a big deal, and Renner being ousted would be a big story for any pop culture site. So if Perez Hilton has an unnamed source saying that Renner's good to go, I'm happy to spread the word.

The site states:

"Our sources tell us that the recasting rumors are completely untrue and that he will indeed return to the silver screen as Hawkeye! Phew! And, though it had been reported that some comments Jeremy made pissed off the execs over at Marvel, we're told he's still 'very much a part of the Marvel family.' Not only that, but it sounds like we can expect to see Renner in the upcoming installments!!"

Seeing as how neither site names their sources, this kind of comes down to which unnamed source you choose to believe. In fact, I have an exclusive report from another unnamed source that says that Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson will team-up for a Hawkeye and Black Widow buddy spy movie, hitting theaters on May 26th, 2013! What? Surprise! Also this unnamed source is me and the only evidence I have of this are my delusional hopes and dreams.

But seriously, I will choose to believe rumors that paint things in a positive light over ones that make me freak out. So while we won't know for sure until Renner pops up again as Hawkeye (fingers crossed for a post-credits scene in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"), I'm going to believe... Perez Hilton.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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