Are The Avengers Assembling In South Africa?


by Brett White

It looks like "Avengers 2" will be shooting in places other than the United Kingdom when cameras start rolling in early 2014. Comic Book Movie has heard from a few sources in South Africa who claim to have heard that the film is looking for permission to shoot in Cape Town. CBM's article states:

"Multiple listeners of South African FM radio station 5FM suggest that Earth's Mightiest Heroes could be reassembling in Cape Town, according to the Chairman of Cape Town Film Studios. During the radio session, the chairman mentioned that Marvel reps have phoned them requesting permission to shoot the next Avengers movie in South Africa's jewel city, and 2nd-most populated."

The first "Avengers" film made use of multiple locations, but they were all in the United States (Cleveland and Albuquerque to be specific). It now seems like the sequel is expanding its scope in both terms of cast and shooting locations.

The film shooting in South Africa also makes ongoing rumors of Black Panther's involvement seem a little more true. Cape Town could double for Black Panther's homeland, Wakanda (even if Wakanda has been established as being in East Africa, just north of Tanzania). Still, if these rumors are true, it'll be interesting to see parts of the film shot in actual locations and not on a sound stage. And Black Panther is a character that's been destined for the big screen for decades now, so it's hard to not get one's hopes up.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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