'Man Of Steel': Is Jenny Olsen Replacing Jimmy Olsen?

Perry White Jenny Olsen

by Brett White

According to a photo posted by ScreenCrush, the rumors that Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen may actually be Jenny Olsen in "Man of Steel" are at least partially true.

The picture's caption reveals that the woman pictured alongside Laurence Fishburne's Perry White in the above photo is Jenny Olsen, played by Rebecca Buller. But the article goes on to say that this character isn't a replacement for Jimmy, but that she is actually his sister. You can check out the full photo with its caption below.


This is the first time I've seen the "sister" theory posited anywhere online. The source for this information hasn't been revealed, but the caption does clearly call Buller's character Jenny Olsen. Whether or not she's a replacement Jimmy remains to be seen.

But in all actuality, whether or not Jimmy Olsen exists in the "Man of Steel"-verse doesn't matter. Jimmy Olsen's not in the movie (unless there's a post-credits scene involving bow ties?), and a character named Jenny Olsen is. She seems to be fulfilling Jimmy's role too; she's seemingly a member of the Daily Planet staff and is shown here fleeing alongside Perry White. So the filmmakers can claim that she's just Jimmy Olsen's sister all they want, but in all actuality it looks like she is "Man of Steel's" 'Jimmy Olsen.'

And that's great. If "Man of Steel" gives moviegoers a platonic friendship between a man and a woman in a summer superhero movie, then that's progress. And if "Man of Steel" depicts a relationship between Lois Lane and Jenny Olsen that isn't based around or concerned with a romance, then that's a double win for progress. "Iron Man 3" passed the Bechdel test, and with Jenny Olsen around it looks like "Man of Steel" might too.

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