'Man Of Steel' Will Change Henry Cavill's Life, Says Russell Crowe


by Brett White

Russell Crowe saw a finished cut of "Man of Steel" earlier this week and immediately took to Twitter to praise the film and his co-stars. In a series of tweets, the actor reflects on the film's many big moments and contemplates what the future holds for the relatively unknown leading man, Henry Cavill. Crowe, who plays Superman's father Jor-El, expressed a kindly and fatherly thought towards the actor playing Superman, tweeting:

Crowe has plenty of reason for contemplation. Superman is possibly the most iconic role an actor can play, other than maybe James Bond (and I'd argue that Superman is more iconic than Bond). Prior to portraying the Man of Steel, Cavill was best known as Guy Who's Not Jonathan Rhys Meyers on Showtime's "The Tudors." Cavill's in the big leagues now. You can check out the rest of Crowe's "Man of Steel" tweets below.

And we'll end on a joke tweet:

Actually, we'll end on an "it was a joke!" tweet:

[via Comic Book Movie]

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