Damon Lindelof Tries To Solve Warner Bros.' 'Justice League' Problem

Justice League

by Brett White

Warner Bros. needs to do something with "Justice League" fast, otherwise interviewers will keep asking other people how to handle their potential franchise. Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige previously offered his take on the DC Comics films, and now screenwriter Damon Lindelof has weighed in.

While promoting "Star Trek Into Darkness," which he co-wrote, the noted comic book fan was asked by the Hollywood Reporter how he would solve Warner Bros.' "Justice League" problem.

"The Justice League problem? I think a lot of that depends on 'Man of Steel.' The Justice League problem is not a problem of, who is the bad guy that Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, Superman, whoever you decide to pit them against. The problem is: What’s the tone of that movie? They've been struggling with launching their own tone.

Lindelof elaborated on his point, citing the DC Comics that Warner Bros. has actually put on the big screen.

"The tone of 'Green Lantern' is very different from the tone of 'The Dark Knight.' They clearly inhabit two entirely different worlds. You want to feel like someone is establishing a world where the Justice League can exist, maybe 'Man of Steel' is that movie. If 'Man of Steel' works, and it's great, I think it starts to make sense where Paradise Island is in that world. Because that's an entirely different world than the one ['Dark Knight' director] Christopher Nolan introduced."

The universe Nolan created for his Batman trilogy was also relentlessly dark and gritty, which fits tonally with one interpretation of the character, but that doesn't work with every character. Lindelof then shared his thoughts on "Man of Steel's" PG-13 rating, which has drawn some criticism from Superman fans.

"It should be PG," says Lindelof. "In the spirit of not throwing stones from the glass house in which one resides, the same should be said of Star Trek. The limitation between PG and PG-13, particularly as it pertains to violence -- there's no sex in Star Trek. There are a couple of 's-words,' but only because we already knew we were going to get PG-13. They are easily excisable. I always loved that moment in 'Temple of Doom' when Indy says, 's---.' Because that's exactly what he would say. You don't use it to be gratuitous, but it's what a character would say in that moment. Donner's 'Superman' is a very adult movie. It doesn't feel like it’s being whitewashed or watered down in any way. It feels real, cool, fun, escapist and upbeat. The larger thing for 'Man of Steel' is like, 'Yes, we all are consuming darker stories.' Again, glass house. But it's like, 'Is there any way we can get the word dark in it?'"

We'll find out on June 14 whether or not "Man of Steel" creates a world that easily accommodates the rest of the Justice League.

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