'Captain America: The Winter Soldier': Hayley Atwell Confirms Peggy Carter Short Film

Peggy Carter

In an interview with The Big Issue, "Captain America: The First Avenger" star Hayley Atwell opened up a bit more about her character's role in the sequel, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," and her starring turn in the Peggy Carter-centric Marvel One-Shot short film.

Since Atwell's "Winter Soldier" scenes are all flashbacks, the actress was surprised to learn that Robert Redford is among the modern day cast. As The Big Issue found out, Atwell's a bit of a Robert Redford fan.

"Is Robert Redford in it? Really?" she asked. "Well, there you go, that shows how much I know! But now you have told me, and because I love him, I am going to call up the Marvel family, find out when he is filming, then I'll go down to the set to stalk him. That is my privilege! Thanks for the tip."

Atwell had high praise for her Marvel Universe character Peggy Carter, saying that "she can do everything Captain America can do but backwards, in high heels." The actress is excited to travel back in time to play the character again in the new Marvel One-Shot short film.

"Fans of the first film really wanted to find out what happened to Peggy afterwards, so Marvel are also making a short film, which is basically 'What Peggy Did Next,' which will be shown at [San Diego] Comic-Con and be on the DVD extras of the second film. So as well as doing a bit in the new film, I've got a whole new spin-off short film. It has been great to be back in training with the stunt coordinators, kicking some butt again."

While that's super exciting, as Atwell's Peggy Carter was a true standout in "Captain America," it's a huge bummer to think that only SDCC attendees will be able to see the short film until it's released with "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" on Blu-ray and DVD sometime in fall 2014. That's a long way to wait, Marvel! Fans need more Peggy Carter, and they need her now!

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