Exclusive: Mark Ruffalo Reveals Hulk's Role In Marvel's Phase 2 Films

Mark Ruffalo

by Brett White

MTV News caught up with Mark Ruffalo while the actor was promoting his new film, "Now You See Me." Him being Bruce Banner and us being Splash Page, of course we made sure to get a few questions in about the Hulk. The big question: will Ruffalo be donning a classy-yet-casual purple button-down in a Marvel film prior to 2015's "Avengers 2"?

"Not that I know of, yet," reveals the actor in the video below. But he also reveals that he's very eager to jump back into the Hulk's motion capture suit for director Joss Whedon. "I'm really looking forward to seeing what Mr. Whedon comes up with next."

The rest of the video treads heavily into some spoiler-y territory, as Ruffalo has clearly seen "Iron Man 3" and is up for talking about the film's very spoiler-y plot points, but it's well worth watching if you've seen the film or are fine with spoilers. The full video is after the jump!

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Mark Ruffalo talks at great length about his role in "Iron Man 3's" post-credits scene, specifically about how the scene came about and the great lengths the production went through to make it happen.

"There was some talk of it, and then I heard that they weren't going to do it," reveals Ruffalo. "And then I saw Robert [Downey Jr.] at the Academy Awards and he pulled me aside and said, 'Hey listen, I had this idea... what do you think?' And I said that sounds great."

Ruffalo goes into the scene's production in great detail below. It's very entertaining.

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