'Arrow' Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg Teases Season Two's Big Showdown


by Ryan Rigley

Oliver Queen may be down, but he's certainly not out. This week marks the season finale of the CW's "Arrow," in which our beloved vigilante finally comes face to face with the biggest and baddest adversary he's yet to encounter: Malcolm Merlyn, a.k.a. the Dark Archer. With this current season almost at an end, we sat down with "Arrow" executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, who was kind enough to shed some light on the highly-anticipated season finale.

"I think the relationship between Malcolm and Oliver, which we've gotten glimpses of over the course of the season, really comes to a head in the finale," explains Kreisberg in a recent interview with MTV Splash Page. "It's just full of these great Shakespearean things. Malcolm essentially killed Oliver's father. Your hero is only as good as your villain, and we feel like we've had both a great hero and a great villain."

"The reason that Oliver can't beat him is not because he's not faster or stronger," Kreisberg continues. "It's because Malcolm believes in the cause more than Oliver does. And I think that Malcolm is going to be surprised at how much Oliver believes in what he's fighting for in the finale." So far, every time that Oliver has encountered the Dark Archer he has been utterly defeated. In fact, he even saved Malcolm's life at one point! That, of course, taking place back when Oliver and Tommy Merlyn were still friends.

"Tommy is pretty pissed," jokes Kreisberg on the shattered friendship. "Laurel will always be between them and I think that Tommy's reaction to finding out that Laurel and Oliver hooked up is going to lead to some great conflict in the finale and go to some surprising places." Surprising, as in Tommy will be assuming the role of the Dark Archer once Malcolm is defeated? Let's hope so! But what are we to expect as far as the island flashbacks go?

"This year's flashback story will wrap up," Kreisberg elaborates. "But it's always been our intention to have the flashbacks throughout the course of the series. I think you'll see a culmination of the Oliver/Fyres storyline, but that will hopefully launch a new storyline that will take us into season two." Kreisberg goes on to explain that season two will focus more on the budding relationship between Oliver Queen and Roy Harper, as well as the budding relationship between flashback Oliver and Slade Wilson.

"Oliver and Slade have really developed this great friendship," states Kreisberg. "And watching how that friendship deepens and changes in season two is one of the things I'm most looking forward to exploring." So does that mean we'll finally be seeing Slade Wilson's devolution into Deathstroke?

"We tentatively delve more into Slade Wilson," Kreisberg teases. "Whether that translates into Deathstroke, you’ll just have to watch."

The "Arrow" season finale premieres this Wednesday, May 15th, at 8 P.M. EST on the CW.

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