New 'Man Of Steel' Posters Send Superman Soaring

Man of Steel poster

Superman takes flight in the latest two posters for "Man of Steel." Regardless of how well this movie does in theaters, no one will be able to deny that it has a gorgeous marketing campaign.

The two one-sheets offer similar looks at Superman flying up into the sky. The first is imposed over his classic "S" insignia (which, as we learned in the trailer, isn't actually an "S"), and the other shows him in his classic pose with one hand raised as he bursts up into the atmosphere. You can check them both out after the jump.



Though "Man of Steel" features many of Superman's most classic moments, screenwriter David Goyer knew from the get-go that he didn't want the film's title to bear the character's name. He opened up in an interview with Empire magazine's podcast about why he and producer Christopher Nolan opted for "Man of Steel" instead of "Superman Something-Or-Other."

"That was [producer] Chris [Nolan] and I. [We called it] 'Man Of Steel' and Warner Bros. said, 'Why?' And we started talking about it, and we said, 'We want a line of demarcation in the sand between the old and the new,'" Goyer said. "We always knew we would be using the Superman glyph, or the shield as we call it. But Man Of Steel was also supposed to represent our take, which was he's a man, but he's not made of flesh and blood, metaphorically he's a man of steel. So that was sort of like the whole thing wrapped up in a nutshell."

"Man of Steel" is due in theaters on June 14.

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