Wonder Woman Comes To 'Smallville: Season 11'


DC Comics' continuation of the fan-favorite (and long-running) CW series "Smallville" has ambitiously integrated much of the classic DC Universe into the show's separate mythos. The comic book has introduced Clark Kent to Batman and, as MTV Geek found out in an exclusive interview with writer Bryan Q. Miller, Wonder Woman will soon pay a visit.

"When we first meet Diana [in 'Smallville: Season 11'], she isn't being called 'Wonder Woman' just yet. She's got a very specific mission. There's a very big reason that she left the island, which we'll eventually cover. Does she have the bracelets? Oh, yes. Like you see on the cover. And pants, of course. Regarding the rest of her 'traditional' look - something tells me she might find her way to a lasso and some armor by the time all is said and done!"

For the rest of the interview and a full look at "Smallville's" Wonder Woman, head on over to MTV Geek!

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