New 'Man Of Steel' Children's Books Reveal Light Spoilers

Man of Steel

by Brett White

A few preview pages from "Man of Steel's" upcoming blitz of children's books have been revealed. The preview pages focus on most of the Superman mythos that's been established for decade, like him being jettisoned from a crumbling Krypton and being raised in Smallville by the Kents. So aside from revealing how this artist draws Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe, the first few images don't spoil that much.



The next few could be considered very, very light spoilers. I'll put it this way: they're nowhere near as revealing as "Iron Man 3's" junior novelization (and a couple of those reveals turned out to be false).

First, this scene involving a baby Superman may or may not pop up in the film.


Past TV spots have featured General Zod issuing an ultimatum to Earth, but this activity page may reveal that he has his sites specifically set on Smallville. Another spoiler alert: Superman may need to use stickers to stop the invading Kryptonians!


Lastly, fans are going to extraordinary lengths to find out the name of that one giant dragonfly thing glimpsed briefly in the trailer. Calm down, fans, because your answer has arrived! It's H'Raka!


H'Raka flies onto movie screens across the country on June 14th.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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