'X-Men: Days Of Future Past': Professor X Joins Supertramp

Professor X

by Brett White

I thought that the future X-Men's wardrobe was shocking? I hadn't seen anything yet. Bryan Singer has tweeted the first look at one of the 1973 X-Men and boy is it 1973. Like Foghat/Eagles/Supertramp level 1973. This movie is not messing around when it comes to period authenticity.

James McAvoy is shown hanging out on set, sitting in what we can only assume is Patrick Stewart's Professor X wheelchair, if only because it's so modern looking. The whole package is just beyond belief. The hair, the beard, the shirt and pants. Forget whatever Xavier said in "X-Men: First Class," this wardrobe is a groovy mutation.

Check out the full tweet and picture below. Warning: Professor X might look a lot like your dad did in those pictures he's embarrassed about.

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