Elektra Rights Have Possibly Returned To Marvel


The "Daredevil" film rights have returned to Marvel, but what about Elektra? Fans have worried about the fate of the favorite Marvel Comics character ever since the Daredevil deal went through, and now Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has come forward to set the record straight...sorta.

"Elektra is part of the Daredevil contract, I believe," he told Collider. "I believe, don't quote me on that, I'd have to check with legal and it would take a long time and I'd have to get on the phone with business affairs, but I think she's included under the Daredevil rights agreement."

It remains to be seen if Marvel incorporates these newly regained comic book characters into its future MCU phases. Feige said recently that the studio doesn't plan to reboot "Daredevil" any time soon.

"There comes a time in contracts where, if a studio is done making the movies, [the characters] come home," he said at Entertainment Weekly's CapeTown Film Festival. "That doesn't mean we're going to make another movie. But it means they’re back in the fold, which is where we want them to be."

If Daredevil isn't going to be getting his own standalone movie, it seems even less likely that Elekra will. But still, there's always the chance they could get incorporated into the upcoming "The Avengers" sequels or on television. We recently figured out five ways to work Daredevil into the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Elektra could be worked in too using a few of these methods. Fingers crossed.

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