The Dark Archer Returns In New 'Arrow' Clip

Dark Archer

by Ryan Rigley

As all "Arrow" fans know by now, Malcolm Merlyn is a very evil man. Last week, Oliver Queen finally came to the realization that his best friend's father is not only the man responsible for kidnapping Walter Steele, but he's also the man directly responsible for his father's death. However, there's still one thing about Merlyn that Oliver has yet to figure out: he's also the deadly Dark Archer, a.k.a. the only villain in Starling City that has been able to defeat the hooded vigilante.

Tonight's episode of "Arrow," entitled "Darkness on the Edge of Town," is the second to last episode of this season, which means it's guaranteed to be action-packed and full of answers to this season's mysteries. That being said, we have a clip from tonight's "Arrow," featuring the Dark Archer himself, that actually raises more questions than answers. You can check it out below.

In the clip, the Dark Archer can be see murdering a handful of his own lab research technicians in cold blood. One of them even mentions that they did everything that Malcolm Merlyn asked of them, yet he's still going out of his way to end their lives. It doesn't get much more evil than that!

After the massacre, Malcolm drives away from the scene of the crime revealing the lab to be a part of Unidac Industries. During a flashback in last week's episode, it was discovered that Malcolm Merlyn plans on completely leveling the Glades, a 24 square block radius within Starling City, with the help of some unknown device being manufactured by none other than Unidac Industries.

Perhaps, Merlyn is murdering everyone at Unidac Industries to keep his nefarious plans a secret. After all, to the public, Malcolm Merlyn is still one of the richest and most influential people in Starling City. But one thing is for certain: when Oliver Queen finds out about the Unidac massacre, he's going to come back at the Dark Archer with a vengeance. Tune in to round two of the archer versus archer showdown tonight at 8 P.M. EST on the CW!

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