Shane Black's 'Doc Savage' Film Is In The Works Once Again

Doc Savage

Shane Black's hard work with ""Iron Man 3" has paid off. The movie hasn't even been out in theaters for a week in the United States and it's already a huge success, and other studios have taken notice of that accomplishment.

Sony Pictures issued a press release announcing that it has closed a deal with Black to co-write and direct a remake of "Doc Savage." This is a passion project that Black has been kicking around since 2009 but has been repeatedly put on the backburner. Black is reportedly considering making "Doc Savage" his next film.

It seems as though Sony is trying to copy the same winning formula that Marvel had with "Iron Man 3." Black co-wrote and directed that project as well (he did the same with "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"), and it's gone on to make over $711 million worldwide. Obviously other factors played into "Iron Man 3's" success, but it's still nice to see Black get recognized for such a big endeavor.

"We couldn’t be more excited to be building a franchise from the ground up with Shane and this team. Shane and [producer] Neal [H. Moritz] have a fantastic understanding of the character and a great take on the material and we can't wait to get this production up and running," Sony Pictures president of production Hannah Minghella said in a statement.

Doc Savage also made some headlines back in March when Jean-Claude Van Damme revealed via his Facebook page that he would love to play the pulp hero. Of course that was just wishful thinking on Van Damme's part and there's absolutely nothing to really link these two news items together; it's just fun to imagine what a Shane Black-directed and JCVD-starring "Doc Savage" could look like.

Black co-wrote "Doc Savage" with Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry. Black is also reportedly working on an adaptation of "Death Note."

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