'Arrow': Is Green Lantern Coming To Starling City?

Green Lantern Green Arrow

by Brett White

In a recent interview with TV Guide, "Arrow" producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that Green Lantern could possibly appear on the CW series. While there's no official team-up in the works right now, a bit of the Green Lantern mythos will pop up on "Arrow" in the final episodes of the show's first season. Apparently Ferris Air, the company that Hal Jordan was a test pilot for, will be popping up on the show.

"If all goes according to plan, when you see the Ferris Air logo later in the season, it will be the same logo that we established in the ['Green Lantern'] movie. I like tips of the hat."

Guggenheim did clearly state, however, that "Arrow" and 2011's "Green Lantern" do not share a universe. Still, he's not closed to the idea of bringing in Ryan Reynolds for a cameo if they can make Hal Jordan work within the series' more grounded tone.

"I would never say never, it's certainly something that we've talked about... As with all DC characters, we have to figure out a way for those characters to fit within our Arrow universe, but when you consider the importance that Hal Jordan plays in the Green Arrow comics, it's certainly one of those names that we've discussed a great deal. I have Ryan Reynolds' phone number around here somewhere."

Green Lantern famously teamed up with Green Arrow way back in 1970, when the two became co-leads of "Green Lantern" with issue #76. The string of issues, lasting until issue #122 in 1979, provided both characters with definitive stories. The early issues by writer Denny O'Neil and artist Neal Adams specifically changed the characters forever by making Roy Harper a drug addict and introducing new Green Lantern, John Stewart. Green Arrow acted as a more liberal and progressive counterpoint to Green Lantern's more traditional stance, providing a narrative that challenged readers.

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