'Amazing Spider-Man 2' TwitPic Round Up: Spider-Man Meets A Spider-Fan

Amazing Spider-Man 2

by Brett White

Another week, another TwitPic Round Up for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"! If you aren't following director Marc Webb on Twitter yet, can you really call yourself an "Amazing Spider-Man" fan? The guy posts a new set photo for pretty much every day of the film's shoot. Sure, not all of them offer insight into the film's plot, like the time he debuted Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon, but they're almost always entertaining.

Today's batch starts off with maybe the best TwitPic yet, one that shows our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man chatting with a fan better known as the Amazing Spider-Fan.

The fan in question is Justin, who hails from Rochester where the Spidey sequel is currently filming. His Facebook fan page shows off even more pics from Justin's set visit and is well worth a look (and a 'like'). This is one awesome moment that we're really glad that Marc Webb immortalized in TwitPic form. Just awesome.

These next two TwitPics seem to have been taken on the same day as these maybe spoilery photos of Gwen Stacy in a familiar outfit.

Lastly, we get two girls sharing a giant pair of pants. The only character that these might make sense for is the Rhino, but how much weight could Paul Giamatti have possibly put on for the role?

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