'Man Of Steel' Is A 'Visual Thrill Ride,' Reveals Jim Lee

Superman Unchained

by Brett White

Modern day comics legend and DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee appeared on CBS New York's morning show "The Couch" on Friday to promote Free Comic Book Day as well as his upcoming new series, "Superman Unchained." The new series, which matches Jim Lee's art with Scott Snyder's story, promises to include all of the essential Superman ingredients and launches right alongside this summer's "Man of Steel." And as Jim Lee reveals during the interview, he's already seen "Man of Steel," which he calls "amazing" in the video below.

The hosts were quite surprised to learn that Jim Lee had already seen the film, which won't come out until June 14th. "I'm an executive at Warner Bros., so I get to see it in advance," Lee revealed, jokingly adding that that's a perk of his job.

"It's epic, it's got a lot of heart. One of the things I was missing from the last Superman movie [2006's "Superman Returns"] was the action, and this movie has it in spades. It is a visual thrill ride, it is amazing."

Check out the full interview below for more of Jim Lee's thoughts on the film, the comics (including Superman pairing off with Wonder Woman) and the role that films have in the comic industry.

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