Luke Evans Lands Lead Role In 'The Crow' Reboot

Luke Evans

by Brett White

It looks like after months of casting rumors, "The Crow" reboot has finally found its leading man. Deadline reports that Luke Evans has landed the lead role, hopefully bringing this game of casting hot potato to a decisive end. Evans stars as the bad guy in this month's "Fast and Furious 6," but genre-film fans will be getting a big dose of Evans over the next few years since the actor will be playing Bard in the next two "Hobbit" films. Evans will also be recognizable for those who saw last year's "Immortals" or "The Three Musketeers."

The casting of a relative unknown doesn't really come as a surprise, especially considering the trajectory of the actors considered for the role. The first actor considered for the role was Hollywood leading man Bradley Cooper, a move that would have pushed "The Crow" out of cult status and into mainstream attention. When that fell through, "X-Men: First Class" star James McAvoy was considered for the role. While McAvoy wasn't as bankable as Cooper, he had some comic cred thanks to his welcome turn as Charles Xavier. But when McAvoy jumped ship (if he was ever truly on board), an actor with phenomenal comic book cred was sought: Tom Hiddleston. Hiddleston's involvement turned out to just be a one-time meeting blown out of proportion, and attention shifted to television star Alexander Skarsgard. But then Skarsgard denied involvement with "The Crow."

So after going from Hollywood leading man to an HBO leading man, "The Crow" has seemingly settled on an up-and-coming film star as their lead. Let's hope that the people over at Relativity Media can move ahead with this reboot and give us something other than casting updates to write about.

[via Deadline]

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