New 'Wolverine' Poster Shows Off Silver Samurai

Silver Samurai

by Brett White

"The Wolverine" director James Mangold used his Twitter account over the weekend to give fans another look at the mutant's main adversary, the Silver Samurai. Instead of offering up more shots of the character as recently glimpsed in the film's CinemaCon footage, the director showed off a new one-sheet poster that fits right in, stylistically, with the film's first poster.

Check out the full one-sheet poster below.

Silver Samurai

This is just the latest in a long line of posters for the film, but this one easily trumps those others in terms of originality. Considering that the poster contains nothing but the film's release date and an abstract rendition of a villain, this could mean that the Silver Samurai actually plays a pivotal role in the film. Will he get prominent enough placement in the film to retroactively merit this poster? Or will this vague image just leave people scratching their heads?

[via Comic Book Movie]

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