Iron Man Will Be A 'Big Part' Of 'The Avengers 2'


Don't think that "Iron Man 3" will be the last you'll see of Tony Stark any time soon. During a new interview with Super Hero Hype, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed the character will be a "big part" of "The Avengers 2."

"We’re not developing 'Iron Man 4.' Currently, as you may imagine, Iron Man is a big part of 'Avengers 2' and that’s what we’re focusing on and what Joss [Whedon] is focusing on. So where we go after that remains to be seen, but certainly, 'Avengers 2' being the next appearance, the next storyline for Iron Man," Feige told Super Hero Hype.

As for whether there will be more "Iron Man" films in our future, Feige seemed hopeful there will be despite the fact that most of the movie's cast seems to think otherwise.

"Do I think there will be another Iron Man movie? Of course I do. Who will be in that movie and who will be a part of that movie? Who knows? And how far down the line will it be? Will it be right after 'Avengers 2,' will it be a few years after 'Avengers 2'? Who knows?" he said. "For as advanced as we are in terms of the advanced planning that we do, we’re already looking out to 2015, 2016 and that’s further than most people look out. Beyond that, we’re still not sure."

Also, don't expect to find out more about the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 3 until after "The Avengers 2" starts filming. There have been some teases about the characters that have been included in the third wave of Marvel's movies ever since the studio announced the Phase 2 line-up, but Feige said they're going to get their upcoming slate of movies locked down before they start looking too far into the future.

"We want to at least get 'Avengers 2' filming, and that will be filming early next year and at that point, we'll start to consider Phase 3 and 2016 and beyond, but we've been deep into Phase 2 now for a couple of years," he said.

"Iron Man 3" is in theaters today. "The Avengers 2" is due out on May 1, 2015.

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