FFNL: Casting ‘Friday Night Lights’ Actors As The ‘Fantastic Four’

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Flame on.

Word on the street today is that “Chronicle” duo Josh Trank and Michael B. Jordan are once again teaming up for a take on superheroes — and this time, it’s Marvel’s First Family. According to a report from The Wrap, the “Friday Night Lights” vet is in talks to star in Trank’s “Fantastic Four” reboot as Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. This douses rumors of Noel Fisher getting the part and comes hot on the heels of Allison Williams being rumored for the part of Invisible Woman.

My fingers are crossed that this one works out, if only because every movie should star someone from “Friday Night Lights.” Honestly, every movie should star everyone from “Friday Night Lights,” especially “Fantastic Four.”

Observe …

Kyle Chandler as Reed Richards
He’s surly when provoked but a good-hearted, natural-born leader when the cards are down. Sounds a bit like a certain razor-focused, emotionally-closed super-scientist we all know and love, right? Plus, he already looks good in blue.

Connie Britton as Sue Storm
C’mon, y’all. This one speaks for itself.

Taylor Kitsch as Johnny Storm
Sounds like Jordan’s close to booking the part, but for my money, I would die seeing good old Riggs trading barbs with the erstwhile Mrs. Taylor as his sister, and constantly uttering his catchphrase, “Baxter Building Forever.”

Jesse Plemons as Ben Grimm
He’s already orange!

Brad Leland as Mole Man
Alright, I’ll stop before this gets any weirder.

If “Fantastic Four” is going with Jordan as Johnny Storm, I’m all for it. Expect outcries from the same folks who winced at the casting of Idris Elba as Heimdall in “Thor,” but Jordan is a phenomenal actor, full-stop, and he’ll bring everything he has to the role. I’m excited.

Are you excited for Jordan as Johnny Storm? Tell us why or why not in the comments or on Twitter!

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