'Iron Man 3': 5 Toys You Gotta Have

Iron Man 3 Toy

by Ryan Rigley

This Friday marks the release of Shane Black's "Iron Man 3", the third installment in the "Iron Man" movie franchise and first film in Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Obviously, an "Iron Man" film this monumental will have its fair share of armors, and what better way to celebrate those awesome, new armors than with awesome, new "Iron Man 3" toys!

Ranging everywhere from action figures to motorized gauntlets, Hasbro's "Iron Man 3" toys are certainly worth your hard-earned money. Whether it's for your kids or for yourself, each of these toys put you virtually in Tony Stark's jet-powered shoes. Here's a look at the top five coolest "Iron Man 3" toys from Hasbro.

Iron Man 3 Toy

Arc FX Mission Mask

What better way to get inside Tony Stark's head than by wearing his Iron Man mask? This "Arc FX Mission Mask" comes complete with varying degrees of lights and sounds from the movie, as well as a dual missile launcher and laser targeting beam! Perfect for any "Iron Man" fan, over the age of 5, who wants to protect their face whilst battling the never-ending hordes of Chitauri forces.

Iron Man 3 Toy

Arc FX Gauntlet

In the same vein as the "Arc FX Mission Mask," this "Arc FX Gauntlet" gives you another sample of Tony Stark's amped up "Iron Man 3" armor. From the same people that brought you Nerf, the motorized "Arc FX Gauntlet" shoots small discs up to or over 20 feet! Who needs a Nerf gun when you can have an official "Iron Man 3" Nerf disc blaster gauntlet?

Iron Man 3 Toy

Assemblers - Starboost Iron Man

It's been rumored that "Iron Man 3" will not only directly tie into "The Avengers 2" but also James Gunn's "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie. With the designs for Tony Stark's space armor leaked over a month ago, this "Starboost" Iron Man action figure gives us a little more insight as to what we should expect from the film. We definitely hope that detachable chainsaw arm makes an appearance in the film.

Iron Man 3 Toy

Assemblers - Battle Vehicle

Even with a high tech suit of armor that allows him to fly, Tony Stark still needs a stylish ride. This "Assemblers - Battle Vehicle" comes complete with mounted missile launchers and a completely new Iron Man figure that you can actually launch out of the car headfirst into combat.

Iron Man 3 Toy

Marvel Legends - 6" Iron Patriot/Iron Patriot Movie Suit

The first official new armor to make its way around the Internet, the Iron Patriot armor is actually worn by Norman Osborn (a.k.a. the Green Goblin) during the Marvel event "Dark Reign." However, in "Iron Man 3" the Iron Patriot suit will apparently be worn by James "Rhodey" Rhodes (a.k.a. War Machine). Luckily for us, Hasbro's Marvel Legends has both versions of the Iron Patriot available for any and all types of patriotic "Iron Man 3" fans.

Which "Iron Man 3" toys will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter!

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