'Iron Man 3': Ben Kingsley Stayed In 'The Box' With Robert Downey Jr.


by Brett White

Robert Downey Jr. has become known for delivering performances that are equal parts charismatic and naturalistic; the man doesn't just portray characters, he embodies them. And after three outings as Tony Stark, the actor is no doubt incredibly comfortable in the role in "Iron Man 3." Some actors might find going toe-to-toe with the Downey in his element intimidating, but not Oscar winner Sir Ben Kingsley. No, the two of them hit it off magnificently. Kingsley talked to MTV News about working with Downey.

"Robert never strays off dialogue," says Kingsley. "His gift is to make the written word look utterly spontaneous. Very little, if anything, is thrown at the other actor that isn't in the script... I think [ Downey] calls [the script] the box, but you play inside it. You don't play outside of it."

Check out the full interview after the jump, and prepare yourself mentally for when "Iron Man 3" bursts onto the big screen this Friday, May 3rd.

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