'Amazing Spider-Man 2' TwitPic Round Up: Someone Has A Thing For Prehistoric Bones

Amazing Spider-Man 2

by Brett White

The "Amazing Spider-Man 2" crew have been busy over the last few days, with their shooting schedule taking them through seemingly corporate boardrooms of vague ownership and out onto the streets of Manhattan (or rather their elaborate recreation, located outside of New York City). Director Marc Webb has been documenting the proceedings via his Twitter feed, at times being augmented by onlookers capturing set videos. You can check out the tweets and photos below, as well as a set video of Spider-Man and Electro's possible first encounter.

The two photos above mix a corporate feel with a prehistoric one. Does Norman Osborn have a thing for extinct species? Unless there are plans for Kraven, Spider-Man's big game hunting foe, to make a surprise cameo, I'm going with Osborn.

This playlist, which I assume is Marc Webb's personal playlist, could offer clues to what the crew was shooting on that day. Does "Power" reflect on Electro's shocking new abilities? And does "Bad Girls," a video known for it's mind blowing car tricks, have anything to do with this car chase footage?

These blueprints were also spotted in this on-set video, showing what could possibly be Spider-Man's first encounter with Max Dillon.

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