Marvel's 'Infinity' Event Gets Movie Poster-Treatment



This fall's big Marvel Comics event, titled "Infinity," just got a new variant cover. MTV Geek astutely points out that it might as well be a teaser poster for "Avengers 2," what with the cover's cinematic flair and inclusion of a few of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's biggest players. The event will pit the heroes of Earth (including the Avengers) against an unrevealed antagonist with Thanos and Black Bolt in the mix as well. The synopsis is appropriately epic and can be read in full over at MTV Geek. The variant cover by artist Marko Djurdjevic looks as much like a classic film poster as it does a comic book cover, placing Movie-Vengers like Thor, Captain America and the Hulk front and center underneath the looming menace of Thanos.

You can check out the full image over at MTV Geek.