'Iron Man 3': 5 Villains That Will Never See The Silver Screen


by Ryan Rigley

With Tony Stark's latest and possibly greatest enemy, the Mandarin, making his big screen debut in the upcoming "Iron Man 3," it would appear as though comic book fans will finally be getting the Iron Man movie that they so rightfully deserve. Since his first appearance in the Marvel comic book universe, back in 1964, the Mandarin has proven himself to be Tony Stark's worst nightmare.

But while the Mandarin may be Iron Man's official arch nemesis, we've already been introduced to two of his lesser known enemies in the previous Iron Man films (Iron Monger and Whiplash). In fact, there are still a ton of other Iron Man enemies that will never see the silver screen, mostly because they're lame and/or boring and/or not threatening in the least. That being said, here's a list of five Iron Man villains that will most likely never exist within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Unicorn

Milos Masaryk is a former Soviet intelligence agent turned super villain. Donning a helmet equipped with powerful energy projectors (as seen above), Masaryk adopts the name "The Unicorn" after the energy beam that shoots from his forehead. Milos makes this list mostly because "The Unicorn" is quite possibly the least threatening name a super villain could ever ask for, second only to "The Butterfly."



An android sent to Earth by a mysterious alien invasion force, Gargantus looks and acts exactly like a giant cave man with a large wooden club. Disguised to look like a Neanderthal by the aliens that sent him, Iron Man recognizes Gargantus as an android right away due in large part to its light bulb eyes. If it weren't for his superhuman strength and ability to hypnotize people, Gargantus would be just about as useless as his wooden club against the likes of Iron Man.

Jack Frost

Jack Frost

A Hungarian scientist obsessed with discovering the key to immortality, Gregor Shapanka is a former employee of Stark Industries who is fired after getting caught trying to steal directly from Tony Stark. He then creates a cold-generating suit with which he uses to attempt to steal from Stark Industries again but is immediately defeated by Iron Man. Changing his name to Blizzard, Gregor attempts to steal from Stark several more times and is immediately defeated on each occasion.



A mutant born with the uncanny ability to rotate his torso at subsonic speeds, David Cannon quickly turns to a life of crime. Calling himself the Human Top, Cannon becomes a small-time jewel thief and is stopped by Giant Man and the Wasp multiple times. After redesigning his suit and persona, Whirlwind is later recruited by the Mandarin to join other Iron Man villains in a plot to take down Stark once and for all. Pretty good for a guy that basically just turns around really fast.

Grey Gargoyle

The Grey Gargoyle

Due to a chemical-based experiment gone horribly wrong, Paul Duval gains the power to turn anything into stone by simply touching it. After turning himself into stone, Paul becomes the criminal known as the Grey Gargoyle, a villain hell-bent on achieving immortality. While initially the Grey Gargoyle's powers might sound pretty intimidating, its effects only last up to one hour making them absolutely non-lethal. I bet he's really good at freeze tag though.

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