Colin Firth In Talks For 'The Secret Service' Lead?

The Secret Service

With "Kick-Ass 2" aiming for a August 16 release date, yet another Mark Millar property is headed to the big screen. "The Secret Service" is in the works with a script written by Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman, and the film has reportedly already found its leading man.

According to Latino Review, Colin Firth is in talks for the lead role of Uncle Jack in the new movie. Keep in mind that this news isn't officially confirmed, but it seems pretty likely that it will pan out. The Hollywood Reporter is also backing up the report.

Production on "The Secret Service" is slated to begin in August, so casting developments should start being announced soon. Matthew Vaughn will direct "The Secret Service" just like he did "Kick-Ass," and the release date is slated for November 14, 2014.

"The Secret Service" film is said to stick close to the plot of the comic book, which is about an MI6 secret agent dubbed "Uncle Jack" who recruits his rebellious nephew Gary to the service. Assumedly some young Hollywood talent will be tapped for the role of Gary. "Kick-Ass" star Aaron Johnson was reportedly wanted for the role, but THR claims he was unavailable and turned the role down.

"Note: The Secret Service comic is a franchise," Millar tweeted back in November. "The movie will HOPEFULLY be a franchise too, but we need to see how it performs first."

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