'Iron Man 3' Clip Falls Right Out Of The Sky

Iron Man

By Eddie Wright

Earlier today we had look at the tender side of Tony Stark as he opened his heart to express his fears to his love, Pepper Potts in a new "Iron Man 3" clip. Now, thanks to this new clip we can balance out all that sweet stuff with some hardcore action.

Click past the jump to see the clip!

In this expanded scene that we've seen teased in trailers and TV spots, Tony swings into serious superhero mode as he flies to rescue 13 falling passengers from a busted up Air Force One. Unfortunately, Jarvis informs Tony that his suit can only support four of the poor, plummeting saps. How will nab those extra nine? By electrifying people!

This clip is the first that I've seen that shows off how director Shane Black is going to handle the action set pieces in this film. Black's only other movie as director, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is much more character-driven than action-heavy, so it's interesting to see the all-star '90s screenwriter step it up and strut his stuff with this sequence. If you weren't officially jazzed for the movie already, this slice of awesome should've done the trick. I know it did for me.

"Iron Man 3" is out on May 3.