Tony Stark Is Just A 'Man In A Can' In 'Iron Man 3' Clip

By Eddie Wright

In the newest clip from "Iron Man 3," Tony Stark reflects on life in the post Chitauri-invasion, post-Thor/Loki being Gods, post-"Marvel's The Avengers" world. He tells Pepper Potts, "Gods, aliens, other dimensions...I'm just a man in a can."

In the clip, he explains how she's both the only thing keeping him sane and the driving force behind him going a little bonkers. Tony can't sleep thinking about the imminent doom that's certain to present itself, and he wants to make sure his rock, Pepper, is always protected.

All bets are off once giant robot snake/worm things and aliens destroy New York City and the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist just wants to keep his lady out of harms way.

But, as she tells him, he can't always distract himself by tinkering on new suits like the Iron Patriot armor, the Enhanced Energy Suit, the Hyper Velocity Suit, the Extremis Armor, or the Hulkbuster Armor, he has to face his fears.

I doubt the threat of The Mandarin, an army of Extremis-infected baddies, and potentially, almost any villain in the entire Marvel Universe in "Iron Man 3" aren't going to matter at all, but we'll see once the movie is officially released on May 3, 2013.