'Red 2': Anthony Hopkins And Byung Hun Lee Get Character Posters

Anthony Hopkins

by Brett White

These "Red 2" character posters are rolling out two-by-two; we've already shown off the Bruce Willis and John Malkovitch posters, followed by the Helen Mirren and Catherine Zeta-Jones posters. Now two more members of "Red 2's" star-studded cast get posterized: Anthony Hopkins and Byung Hun Lee.

The full posters can be seen below, and as you will obviously note, they mix the mundane with hints of each character's more... lethal activities just like the previous posters. Well, at least Anthony Hopkins' poster does. Lee's poster just screams "hitman," or at least "hitman in a hotel."

Check out both posters below.



Both Hopkins and Hun Lee are new to the "Red" franchise. They'll make their debut in "Red 2" when it opens in theaters on July 19th.

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