'Iron Man 3' Sets Opening Day Records Overseas

Iron Man 3

by Brett White

"Iron Man 3" is already outpacing its predeccessors and it hasn't even opened domestically yet. The soon-to-blockbust film opened in 12 countries this past Wednesday, raking in $13.2 million dollars already. The film broke opening day records in Taiwan and the Philippines, and opened managed to open bigger in France than "Marvel's the Avengers" did last year. Considering how aggressively "The Avengers" dominated movie theaters last summer, that's a mighty accomplishment.

Check out the film's international grosses below!

» France - $3.0M

» Italy - $2.1M)

» Australia - $3.4M

» Taiwan - $1.4M

» Philippines - $1.5M

» New Zealand - $600K

Deadline points out that 79% of the international box office opens this coming weekend, and it's not crazy to expect "Iron Man 3" to haul in anywhere from $110 - $125 million dollars. The film is currently tracking for at least a $150 million opening weekend domestically, which would put the film just outside the top five biggest opening weekends ever. If it can score over $170 million, though, it'll edge out 2011's "Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows - Part 2" for the #2 spot behind "Marvel's the Avengers'" staggering $207 million opening.

The big concern for domestic moviegoers, however, is the ongoing disagreement between Disney, "Iron Man 3's" parent company, and movie theater giants AMC and Regal over how much of the earned revenue should go to Disney. Comic Book Movie reports that Disney wants to raise it's percent of earned revenue to 65%, which has led Regal and AMC theaters to halt advanced ticket sales for the movie.

If you want to check out "Iron Man 3" at midnight, it might be best to investigate your options now.

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