'Iron Man 3': The Mandarin's Greatest Misdeeds


by Ryan Rigley

Sure, Robert Downey Jr. makes for a fantastic Tony Stark. But he's not the only reason we're excited for "Iron Man 3." Since the original "Iron Man" movie was released back in 2008, comic book fans have been clamoring for Stark's arch nemesis, the Mandarin, to make an appearance on the big screen.

Brought to life by the magnificent Sir Ben Kingsley, the Mandarin is without a doubt the deadliest threat that Iron Man has yet to come across. With more fire power than Obadiah Stane and Whiplash combined, Tony Stark is in for a rude awakening once the Mandarin plays his hand. That said, we here at MTV Splash Page thought it best to take a look back on all of the awful things that the Mandarin has done (or tried to do) to our world throughout the years.

Mandarin_HulkEnslaving the Hulk

Trying everything from mind-control devices to a Hulk replica android, the Mandarin has tried to harness the raw power that is the Incredible Hulk on multiple occasions now. His intentions? To use the not-so-jolly green giant as a means of starting a war that would eventually gain him control over the entire planet. Luckily for us, however, the Hulk is not so easily swayed.

Dragon Master

Utilizing the true potential of his Makluan power rings, the Mandarin at one time had complete control over ten ancient Makluan dragons. Soon, the Mandarin held a third of China's territories in his grasps with his fire-breathing brethren to thank. Of course, Iron Man would not stand for such atrocities and used the combined power of his arc reactor and the Makluan rings to destroy the dragons, vaporizing the Mandarin's hands in the process.

Heart of Darkness

After discovering a mysterious orb of mystical energy, which focuses all matters of dark power, the Mandarin used his new-found alien technology to revert all of China back to its original feudal nation state by literally transporting the entire country back in time. Re-creating China as it was before the birth of electricity, all electronic devices are rendered useless upon entering the country; leaving Tony Stark utterly defenseless.

Mandarin_TitanomechsUnleashing Extremis

As CEO of the Prometheus corporation, which specialized in bio-engineered weaponry, the Mandarin infiltrated the U.S. government and manipulated Tony's ex-lover Maya Hansen into creating an army of Extremis-enhanced warriors. He also managed to fully arm several terrorist cells all across the globe and planned on releasing a pure strain of the Extremis virus (in aerosol form) on the people of Earth, expecting a mortality rate of 97.5%.

Makluan Madness

Recently, it's been revealed that the Mandarin somehow gained access to Tony Stark's mind. Unbeknownst to Tony, the Mandarin poked and prodded his way around Tony's brain, and even implanted a few of his own ideas in his mind. After being kidnapped in secret by the Mandarin, Tony was forced to help create and develop ten squid-like machines capable of world conquest, called Titanomechs, for which the Mandarin intended to use as host bodies for the ten Makluan alien spirits encased in each of his ten power rings.