'Man Of Steel': Empire Reveals Details About Krypton, Faora And Henry Cavill's Future

Man of Steel

by Brett White

We've already reported on the ton of photo goodies inside the latest issue of Empire; now the interview-y bits from the magazine's "Man of Steel" coverage are making their way online and they offer some new (possibly spoilery) insight into what's shaping up to be this summer's movie-to-beat.

The magazine contains interviews with a number of people involved in bringing Superman to the big screen again, including Clark Kent himself, Henry Cavill, and Antje Traue, who plays the Kryptonian powerhouse Faora. It also contains some new information about the planet Krypton, which puts the opening scenes of the latest trailer in context.

Krypton's final fate is revealed by the magazine. Apparently an "impossibly large and consuming sun is about to consume them all." So even though the opening shots of the trailer looked pretty war-torn, that's most likely Kryptonians freaking out about the all-consuming sun. The magazine also reveals that "floating robots serve the privileged" and "Kryptonian society is genetically engineered into warrior class, scientist class, and worker class." And for fans looking for a puzzle to solve once the film is released on Blu-ray, apparently the "walls are adorned with Kryptonian maxims, there for fans to crack." Get that pause button ready!

Antje Traue talked a bit about her character Faora, perhaps for one of the first times. Considering how much we know about General Zod from Michael Shannon's interviews, Superman's adversary Faora remains a relatively unknown quantity. "I am the right hand of Zod," says Traue. "I'm all the time with him and I'm taking care of him." She's also a match for Superman, Traue says. "I can jump amazingly high, amazingly fast. I am surprised how strong I am on Earth. Superman is surprised, too... She's bred as a warrior."

When asked about his Super-predecessor, Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill went into his hopes for the future. Routh pretty much disappeared after 2006's "Superman Returns." Aside from a memorable turn in "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World," Routh has mostly been absent from high profile films.

"I certainly haven't got my mind set on failure," says Cavill. "That is a bad approach - you want to strive for success." Whether or not Cavill's version of "success" includes becoming the next James Bond remains to be seen. "What a wonderful challenge to follow up Daniel Craig. He has set the bar so high."

"Man of Steel" opens on June 14th.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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