'Man Of Steel' Advance Tickets To Be Sold At Walmart

Man of Steel

by Brett White

Add "exclusive advance screening tickets to 'Man of Steel'" to your shopping list, because you will soon be able to purchase those tickets alongside eggs and super rad t-shirts at America's largest retail chain, Walmart. This partnership between a studio and a retailer marks a first for the entertainment industry. Superfans will be able to purchase tickets at almost 4,000 Walmart stores starting at 8 a.m. on May 18th, with tickets limited to four per customer per visit. The advanced screening itself will take place on selected local theaters on June 13th at 7 p.m., which means you'll have only a few hours of gloating to do before the masses descend upon the theaters at midnight that night for the wide release.

Walmart is pairing the deal with a few other offers that should sweeten the deal. The full, detailed list can be read at Deadline, but Walmart plans to increase their "Man of Steel" offerings with items like digital pre-orders of the film, a mobile app, an exclusive digital comic and more in-store merchandise than you can shake a tank at.

This really does mark a turning point in the world of blockbuster films, and if this goes well we can probably expect other studios to follow suit. I don't think this is a bad idea, actually; it can only help get the word out about "Man of Steel" even more than it already is. And if you want to reach a lot of people, specifically people that don't frequent comic book film websites and may, somehow, not know that a new Superman film is coming, Walmart is the place to do it. Getting into Walmart stores probably gets more eyeballs on your product than commercials during "The Voice."

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