'Guardians Of The Galaxy' To Face Off Against Lee Pace?

Lee Pace

by Brett White

Lee Pace, best known for his roles in "The Hobbit" franchise and the TV series "Pushing Daisies," is taking on a decidedly darker role. The actor is in final negotiations to play the villain in Marvel's initial cosmic outing, "Guardians of the Galaxy." The news comes hot on the heels of Ophelia Lovibond's casting in a mystery role, and the two may be linked.

Rumors persist that Lovibond is playing an aide to the Collector, an elder being of the universe who wishes to collect artifacts in order to preserve them from annihilation. The problem: he sometimes collects living people. If Lovibond's character is correct, then is it safe to assume that Pace will portray the Collector?

I have to say, that's... kind of a boring casting. Granted, the cosmic side of Marvel isn't as well-known as its Earthly side, but the Collector isn't even in the Marvel Cosmic big leagues like Thanos is. It was actually kind of assumed that Thanos would play a large role in "Guardians," especially since so many of its cast have personal ties to him (Drax was built to destroy him and Gamora was raised by him). I'm sure the Collector has his fans, but even his most die-hard fans have to admit that he's no Thanos. The Collector does collect items to protect them from the merciless wrath of Thanos, though, so he might fit right in with the film.

It's also possible that the Collector has been confused with the Controller, another cosmic villain with ties to Thanos. The Controller, another little-known cosmic villain, was previously mentioned as being the main antagonist in the film. The names are quite similar, so either one could be correct. Lovibond's casting makes the Collector's involvement more likely.

Other than villains with C-names, who else could Lee Pace play? He doesn't physically resemble either old-man Collector or prune-faced Controller. He could easily pull off a character like Adam Warlock and his maniacal alter ego, the Magus. That's not out of the question, either, considering that other Guardians like Yondu Udonta are going to show up.

We should expect to hear firm news about the casting shortly.

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