'Red 2': Bruce Willis And John Malkovich Get Character Posters


We're only days away from the release of the new trailer for "Red 2," and some new posters for the upcoming movie have been released in anticipation of that big event. Two posters featuring John Malkovich's Marvin Boggs and Bruce Willis' Frank Moses have made their way online that show the characters engaging in day-to-day activities while still looking like total badasses.

Frank walks through a supermarket holding a handgun and a basket of groceries, while Marvin walks through a field of sheep with an RPG in his backpack. This tongue-in-cheek style of marketing is exactly what we were hoping for in this new movie, and it looks like director Dean Parisot has provided. Check out both posters below.



The trailer for "Red 2" is due out on April 26, and the film recently got its release date moved up to July 19. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has called that change a "good sign," and we're thinking he might be right.

"We haven’t previewed it to an audience yet, so until an audience votes, you know -- as a filmmaker I think it’s really hard to tell you, 'Wow, it’s the best movie I've ever made!'" he said back in March. "I really love it, but you never know what it's gonna feel like until you show it to an audience, which is next week."

In addition to Willis and Malkovich, "Red 2" stars Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mary Louise-Parker and Helen Mirren. Hopefully we'll see some posters for their characters roll out over the next week leading up to the trailer.

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