'Thor: The Dark World' Teaser: 15 Worthy Moments

by Brett White

The first teaser for "Thor: The Dark World" has arrived on Midgard via the powerful rivers of Internetia, and verily, it is mighty. Okay, cutting out the classic Thor speak now, but I can't help but speak that way after watching the "Thor" teaser on repeat all morning. It's just that great. This teaser isn't just a bunch of scenery panning by and slow motion action shots with a foreboding narration over it; this is a full-blown preview of this fall's most anticipated film. The major stars are all there (Chris Hemsworth! Natalie Portman! Tom Hiddleston! Anthony Hopkins!) as are our favorite supporting characters. We get a taste of the plot and enough battle sequences to get us just the right amount of pumped.

We've isolated 15 moments worthy of further examination and listed them below. Let's dive into "The Dark World"!

» The teaser opens up with this vertigo-inducing shot of a truck being levitated and rotated. It's eye-catching, sure, but I have no clue how this ties into the rest of the film... unless Magneto is crossing film studios and causing trouble?

» Is this our first look at Kurse, played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje? It might be, considering how menacing this statuesque mystery person is.

» London cannot catch a break in 2013! Be it the forces of Cobra or whatever mischief Benedict Cumberbatch is getting up to in "Star Trek Into Darkness," London has become cinema's favorite punching bag lately.

» Thor still looks mighty majestic, and his new costume doesn't look that much different from his previous ones.

» Thor and Jane Foster, reunited! And now Thor's his own mode of inter-dimensional transportation.

» Thor's own personal Rainbow Bridge, at his beck and call.

» Kat Dennings, who provided a lot of comic relief in the previous film, gets left behind at the top of the teaser. Here's hoping she makes her way to Asgard, because I think she'd have opinions on just everything.

» Thor shows Jane around his hometown: "And there's the Mead Market where I worked as a youth... and there's the new blacksmith who is, like, not as good as the old blacksmith..."

» This shot is only notable because that guy up front looks a lot like Loki from behind, right? This goes by quick in the teaser, since Loki acts as the big reveal at the end.

» Here's our first shot of Anthony Hopkins as Odin, and that looks like Zachary Levi as Fandral to his side.

» Rene Russo's looking tough in this teaser, brandishing one fierce dagger. Here's hoping Thor and Loki's mom gets to throw down alongside everyone else.

» Jaimie Alexander is back as Sif and she gets a few shots of battle action in this teaser. My only complaint from the first Thor film was that it suffered not enough Sif. More Sif!

» Christopher Eccleston is unrecognizable as the evil Malekith. The makeup looks much better on screen than it did in the previous set photos, and Malekith looks to be quite the formidable foe.

» Let's just stop putting Loki in glass prisons, okay?

» And here he is, the much beloved and adored God of Mischief himself. Loki's seen better days, and that hair is very Soundgarden, but Hiddleston still knows how to deliver a line with ridiculously captivating charm. You can't keep Loki down. Or in prison. Seriously, he will always get out.

What was your favorite moment from the "Thor: The Dark World" teaser? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter!