'Avengers 2': 5 Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes We Want To Assemble


by Brett White

One of the coolest parts of "Marvel's the Avengers" had to be seeing the stars of disparate Marvel films finally sharing the screen together. I remember applause breaks pretty much every time a pairing happened or skirmish started. The intermingling makes these movies fun. Now Marvel is slowly building out their cinematic world, populating it with as many extraordinary people as the comic universe that spawned it.

Since the sequel won't be able to deliver on the some of the same thrills now that Thor and the Hulk have finally met, it would make sense for Joss Whedon and company to pull other supporting characters out of their corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and plop them into the middle of the Avengers. Don Cheadle's already said there are talks going on regarding increasing War Machine's profile, and I think that'd be a great idea. Here are five characters that I'd like to see assemble alongside the Avengers in 2015.

War Machine

War Machine

Yeah, this one seems like a no-brainer. Fans were pretty convinced that War Machine was a lock for inclusion in the first Avengers film, so much so that what Rhodey was up to during the epic events of the film became the focus of a comic book. James Rhodes adds a lot more fire power to the Avengers; considering how useful the Iron Man suit was to the team, having two around couldn't hurt. But more importantly, having Rhodey around means there's someone that can see through whatever false bravado and show Stark puts on. Rhodey would keep Stark honest.



Sif has yet to serve as an Avenger in the comics, but there's no reason why she can't do so in the films. She would add even more brute force to the team, as her enhanced Asgardian physiology makes her even more dangerous than the two master assassins already in the Avengers' ranks. Plus it'd be interesting to see Black Widow deal with having someone on the team that's even more of a daredevil than she is, just like it'd be interesting to see Cap try to give field orders to the warrior that tried to take down the Destroyer single-handedly with nothing but a spear.



There might not be room for Bucky in "Avengers 2," depending on where "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" leaves the character following his return as the titular adversary. But Bucky led the Avengers during his tenure as Captain America back in 2010, and it would be very entertaining to see Bucky rise to the legacy of Captain America alongside Cap's teammates.

Anthony Mackie


"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is populated with the most hero-heavy cast, and Falcon is definitely the most Avengers-y addition. Falcon first joined the team all the way back in 1979's "Avengers" #189, around the same time Wonder Man and Ms. (now Captain) Marvel joined. He's an Avenger, through-and-through. It looks like the version of Sam Wilson that Anthony Mackie will bring to life next year is a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative with a winged suit. Imagine mixing the fighting ability of Black Widow with the precision-training of Hawkeye together with wings. He's essential!

Sharon carter

Sharon Carter

Agent 13 makes her bigscreen debut alongside Falcon in next summer's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," played by Emily VanCamp. Carter has recently served as a member of the Secret Avengers, going on super-spy missions with characters like Valkyrie, Nova and Moon Knight. Sure Sharon is another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, but her character is unique. She's not as hard-edged as Maria Hill, not as wry and stoic as Hawkeye, nor does she have Black Widow-levels of red on her ledger. It's too early to tell how she'll be handled in the Cap sequel, but should prove to be very different from previous agents.

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