Storm Returns In 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' TwitPic


by Brett White

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" director Bryan Singer is putting his Twitter feed to good use again today, after announcing another cast member (Adan Canto) over the weekend. The director has released the first shot of Halle Berry reprising her role as Storm, and this photo is way more head-on than the previous looks at Beast, Professor X and Iceman. The photo is so revealing that it could double as an official movie promo image, if, you know, it wasn't taken on an iPhone.

Check out the full tweet and image below.

So... there's Storm!

Truthfully, I'm surprised at how not-pregnant Halle Berry looks. After her announcement stating that her pregnancy would mean Storm wouldn't be able to get as physical in the film as originally planned, I was expecting the full-on belly-hiding approach. But here Storm is, looking as ready-to-fight as she ever did.

What's even more telling is that she still has a cape, and where there's a cape there has to be flight, right? So even though Berry said previously that there'd be no flying for Storm, maybe they've changed their minds, or maybe a stunt double is ready to take off. It just seems like an awful big waste of a cape if Storm stays grounded.

This is also the best shot we've gotten of what appears to be the X-Men's new team look. It's... interesting, to say the least. It looks a bit more textured and almost Star Trek-like; the leather suits are a thing of the past. I'll reserve full judgement of the costumes until we see some official photos or group shots. It's entirely possible they work better under lighting. But they're noticeably missing "X" logos, the one detail that can make literally any costume an X-Men costume. Are these not the final costumes? Are the X-Men part of a future so horrible that they've given up calling themselves X-Men (even though Professor X is back from the dead after "X-Men: The Last Stand"...)?

Really the only conclusion I can come to after seeing this photo is, "Yep, that's Halle Berry and yep, she has white hair and a cape!" But still, I'm excited to get another Bryan Singer X-Men film.

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