Tom Hiddleston In Talks For 'The Crow'

The Crow

by Eddie Wright

It looks like Tom Hiddleston could be traveling from Asgard to Detroit as the "Marvel's The Avengers/Thor" villain trades his horny helmet for some gothy makeup as Eric Draven in Relativity Media's new adaptation of "The Crow."

An updated version of James O'Barr's cult comic has been in talks for years and gained ground when news broke that "Hangover" star (and future Flash?) Bradley Cooper was sought for the project. Fans didn't love that idea, but based on Hiddleston's Tumblr-god-like status, the "Hot Topic" crowd should totally dig Tom as Draven, if it happens.

"The Crow" was previously adapted in 1994 by Alex Proyas, starring the ill-fated Brandon Lee as Draven. Lee was killed during an onset mishap with a prop handgun and was replaced in several shots of the film by a body double and some digital trickery. "The Crow" went on to become a cult hit and was followed by three sequels and a television series in 1998.

The Wrap reports that Hiddleston had dinner with producers and sent them a makeup test that he did on his own from his home in London. It says that he will take part in a proper makeup test soon.

F. Javier Gutierrez is directing "The Crow" with a script by Cliff Dorfman. James O'Barr returns with a new "Crow" series for IDW called "The Crow: Curare" in June.

[via The Wrap]

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