'Thor: The Dark World' Brings The Rain With First Poster


by Brett White

The Marvel UK Twitter account has just unleashed a mighty image upon the world: the first poster for this November's "Thor: The Dark World." The poster is packed with the exact right amount of rain and lightning required by any Thor poster, and otherwise doesn't show off anything new. It's an awesome image, sure, one that rightfully belongs on bedroom walls across all of Midgard. It just shows off more of the Thor that we've already come to know and love. His costume looks mostly the same, at least from this angle, and he's still sporting the beard (which has always been optional in the comics). Maybe Chris Hemsworth is doing something different with his hair?

No matter what, though, this is exciting. I'm ready for the "Thor" updates to start rolling in. I summon thee, teaser trailer (which is actually coming next week)!

Thor The Dark World

[via Comic Book Movie]

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