Kryptonians Are Our Hero Of The Week

by Brett White

While "hero" is a bit of a stretch where a lot of these Kryptonians are concerned, what they lack in positive intent they made up for in interesting content. Between "Man of Steel's" acclaimed new trailer, the General Zod viral marketing and Superman and Lois Lane's 75th birthday celebration, Kryptonians provided a lot of fun and exciting content on Splash Page this week.

Things seemed quiet on the "Man of Steel" front for most of 2013, but that all changed this week. As you'll see below, this was the week that Superman and his cast of characters dropped by to give us all something we really needed this week: hope. It's maybe ironic that an alien character represents the absolute best that humanity has to offer, but that's definitely the case made in the latest trailer for Zack Snyder's Superman film. Considering how harrowing everything outside of the comic book movie world has been this week, I can't think of a more appropriate hero. The world needs Superman and human beings that strive for the ideals that he represents.

Let's run down all of the Super-news from this week.

» General Zod Delivers A Message In New TV Spot

The week started off with this message delivered through static. It's not overtly a "Man of Steel" teaser, which makes it even more engrossing. General Zod seems to be the man to beat this summer.

» 'Man Of Steel' Viral Marketing Gets Physical

The TV spot made its way to the physical world via these billboards that have been popping up across the country.

» See Faora In Full Armor

We've gotten a good look at Zod, and this week we finally got a good look at his partner-in-crime, Faora. Add this costume to your Halloween list, people.

» New 'Man Of Steel' Trailer Provides Hope

To say that this trailer flipped the story on "Man of Steel" would be an understatement. What was once seen as a dark and brooding take on the character has been replaced with hope and triumph. The score absolutely soars, it's power syncing with Snyder's visuals perfectly.

» General Zod: Required Reading

For those of you wanting to know more about Zod, we came up with a list of his most dastardly deeds featured in DC Comics.

» 5 More Evil Kryptonians

General Zod isn't the only bad guy to come from Krypton. There are a few others that could make their way to the big screen, in all their rocky, craggy, sharp-edged glory.

» Happy 75th Birthday Superman And Lois Lane!

The most famous and celebrated Kryptonian passed the 75-year mark this week, and the party that the internet threw for him was epic. Check out this post for a link to MTV Geek's expansive coverage of the momentous event.

» 'Man Of Steel' Debuts New Still For Superman's 75th Birthday

The week ended with another still from the film, as if we aren't excited enough for "Man of Steel."

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