'Amazing Spider-Man 2' TwitPic Round Up: A Crew Hard At Work

Amazing Spider-Man 2

by Brett White

When "Amazing Spider-Man 2" wraps shooting, director Marc Webb will be able to put together one mighty impressive scrapbook. Webb has been tweeting pictures from the film's replica Times Square set for the past few weeks, as evidenced by our two previous TwitPic Round Ups.

This installment in the blog series (yep, it's a series now!) captures the crew hard at work. They're stilll hanging out at the Times Square set up in Bethpage, New York, with the occasional jaunt to New York City locations like Union Square in New York City) Check out all the pictures below.

The Stunt Elf (William Spencer) plans what we hope are some of Spider-Man's aerial exploits.

It looks like the paparazzi are desperate to get a look inside the set's Bethpage set. Marc Webb's tweeting all the pics we need, though!

Judging by all the pics taken on or near the replica TKTS stairs, it seems safe to assume that the location will play a big role in the final film.

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