MTV Movie Awards: Does Tom Hiddleston Ever Rock A Loki T-Shirt?

Tom Hiddleston

by Brett White

MTV News caught up with Tom Hiddleston as the actor made his way to the MTV Movie Awards, where he would go on to win the Golden Bucket for Best Villain.

The actor, famous for playing Loki in both "Thor" and "Marvel's the Avengers," touched on a wide range of topics. There's one question that's been burning inside the brains of every Loki fan for at least a year now: does Hiddleston ever rock a Loki t-shirt?

"I think I did when 'Avengers' came out as sort of a joke," the actor reveals. "But I tend to... not so much," the actor added, before letting out that fan-favorite chuckle of his.

The most pertinent topic was, of course, the actor's role in this year's Thor sequel, "Thor: The Dark World." With Christopher Eccleston joining the cast as the evil Malekith, we asked if Hiddleston liked handing the villain reins to someone else.

"What makes you think I've handed over any reins?" Hiddleston then went on to discuss his new co-star. "Chris Eccleston is truly one of the greatest actors in Britain. He has been for a long time... He's got this amazing, mercurial ability to slip in and out of different characters and he's amazing in the film."

Tom even addressed Project Wendy, an online phenomenon comprising both Twitter and Tumblr accounts that was birthed from the MTV After Hours sketch "Loki'd." For more Tom Hiddleston, check out the full video below.

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