Terry Moore's 'Rachel Rising' To Become TV Series

Rachel Rising

by Brett White

Indie comics legend Terry Moore's most recent series, "Rachel Rising," has just been picked up by the television arm of Alcon Entertainment, says The Hollywood Reporter.

While the show does not yet have a network, it does have some producers lined up. Moore, who created the series and continues to write and draw every issue, will be the executive producer alongside Lloyd Levin, who previously worked on the two "Hellboy" films and "Watchmen." Joining them are Andrew Kosove, Sharon Hall and Broderick Johnson from Alcon. Ben Robers, a former production consultant on AMC's "The Walking Dead," will be on hand as producer.

This isn't the first time that Levin and Moore have teamed up. Levin previously optioned Moore's earlier series "Echo" as a feature film, but that 2009 deal has yet to result in an adaptation of Moore's work.

"Rachel Rising" is Moore's third indepdendently published ongoing series, following the cult classic "Strangers in Paradise" and 2008's "Echo." "Rachel Rising," which debuted in 2011, follows the title character as she wakes up in her grave, claws her way out, and goes about solving the mystery surrounding her death. Like Moore's other series, "Rachel Rising" expertly displays real life drama, ripe with human emotion, mixed in with bits of the supernatural.

Moore has also done work for Marvel Comics, writing both "Runaways" and "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane" in 2008.

Alcon Entertainment is responsible for a wide range of feature films, including "The Book of Eli," "The Blind Side" and "What To Expect When You're Expecting."

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