'Fantastic Four' Reboot Starts Filming In June

Fantastic Four

It seems as though Josh Trank's "Fantastic Four" reboot will start filming a few months earlier than we expected. After an initial report that the film would start shooting in September, it's being said that the new movie will actually go in front of the lens in June.

"Fox's reboot of FANTASTIC FOUR working title HENRY STREET is scheduled to begin filming in Vancouver on June 17th," Production Weekly reports. Though Production Weekly has a good track record with scoops like this, a June start date seems a bit optimistic based on "Fantastic Four's" current state.

Then again, maybe things are farther along for the Fox property than we realized. Thus far no actors have been announced to play any of the characters, though Nick Offerman does want the Thing and there's a rumor of Noel Fisher playing Johnny Storm. But Trank and producer Matthew Vaughn have had plenty of time to think about the flick, so it could be that they have some actors lined up.

Considering "Fantastic Four's" March 6, 2015 release date though, it does seem a bit early to start filming the movie. Maybe Fox actually plans on moving the project up, as 2015 is full of some big projects like "Star Wars: Episode VII," "The Avengers 2" and (potentially) "Avatar 2." Regardless, we are ready to start hearing about who is being cast as what in this new film.

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