'Man Of Steel': 5 More Evil Kryptonians

Evil Kryptonians

by Ryan Rigley

General Zod may be the most well known evil Kryptonian, but he is by no means the only evil Kryptonian. In the newest TV spot for "Man of Steel," Michael Shannon's portrayal of General Zod takes center stage as he gives Earth the ultimate ultimatum: return Kal-El to Zod or be obliterated. Well... I guess we should just give the crazy alien man what he wants, huh?

With Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" only months away, and the terror that is Zod now in full effect, we here at MTV Splash Page thought it best to come up with a whole list of evil Kryptonians in honor of the good general. Because hey, Zod may be attacking our planet soon, but it could still be a hell of a lot worse .


A morally defunct and disturbed Kryptonian scientist, Jax-Ur is imprisoned within the Phantom Zone after blowing up one of Krypton's moons with a massive nuclear warhead rocket. Jax-Ur is bald, chubby, and mustached; although he has the same powers as every other Kryptonian his physique makes him no match for the likes of Superman. Jax-Ur often escapes from the Phantom Zone in an ethereal form, which is also probably the quickest way for him to lose weight.

The Kryptonite Man

The ruler of an ancient race of aliens that inhabited Krypton centuries before Superman's ancestors, the Kryptonite Man is able to feed off of Kryptonite radiation from the planet itself, imbuing him with enhanced strength, speed, and endurance. He blames the pink-skinned humanoid Kryptonians for the destruction of Krypton, which explains why he hates Superman so much.

Faora Hu-Ul

A Kryptonian female whose unexplained hatred for men eventually leads her to kill 23 Kryptonian men in a secret camp on her home planet. Being sentenced to 300 years inside the Phantom Zone, Faora is often seen plotting against Superman with the likes of General Zod and Jax-Ur. She's an expert in the Kryptonian martial art of Horo-Kanu and actually managed to defeat Superman on their first encounter. She'll also be teaming up with Zod in "Man of Steel" this summer.

The Eradicator

The product of a dying alien race whose only wish was to preserve their culture, the original Eradicator is an altered containment device programmed to preserve the Kryptonian culture by eradicating all others. The Eradicator takes its job extremely seriously, altering the Kryptonian code so that if any of them try to leave the planet they will die instantly. It can absorb, convert, and fire powerful energy blasts from its hands or eyes, as well as teleport itself and/or those around it.


An incredibly powerful killing machine born during the prehistoric era of Kryptonian history, Doomsday knows no emotions other than pure hatred and the joys of destruction. Every time he dies, he immediately respawns with a resistance/immunity to whatever killed him previously. Many centuries have passed since Doomsday's initial creation, making him near invulnerable and practically immortal. He's most often referred to as the monster that killed Superman.

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