Rumor: David Goyer To Direct 'Justice League'?

Justice League

by Brett White

Yeah it's just a rumor from a tweet, but I'm still buzzing from the latest "Man of Steel" trailer and I'll take whatever "Justice League" information I can get. Comic Book Movie reports this source as reliable, and fingers crossed that their character judgement is sound, because this sounds pretty great if it pans out.

David Goyer is one of the writers behind "Man of Steel" and the "Dark Knight" trilogy, so it makes sense to have him on board for "Justice League." While he's not as proven of a quantity as a director, at this point we just want the film to get off the ground. The film has had trouble finding a director, been delayed and then reportedly scrapped.

While Marvel continues its seemingly never-ending victory lap, DC has had trouble even making it to the race. Little known Marvel oddities like Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man and Dr. Strange will all most likely get films before Wonder Woman. Warner Bros. is sitting on a box office goldmine as solid as Marvel's, they just have to get their characters into the right hands the same way Marvel did when they gave "Iron Man" to Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. David Goyer has proved his worth as a writer, and he could be the one guy to get this troubled franchise off the ground.

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