Rumor: Will Justin Theroux Play Dr. Strange?

Dr. Strange

by Eddie Wright

According to a "trusted" but anonymous source for CHUD, Marvel is looking at "Iron Man 2" screenwriter, and all around awesome actor dude Justin Theroux to tie on the red cape and garish garb of the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Stephen Strange.

Dr. Strange is another Stan Lee/Steve Ditko creation and has been Marvel's resident swinging, psychedelic, mystic, New York Village-dwelling magic man since his first appearance in 1963's "Strange Tales" #110.

Strange -- if handled the way he was by those Marvel maniacs during the fun, experimental 1960's -- would make for a perfect movie character, and along with Edgar Wright's "Ant-Man," would introduce a new, super-fun side to the Marvel cinema landscape. Theroux is a perfect choice for the role. He'd bring his smarmy, smooth, rougeish, slightly crazy charm to the role not seen in a Marvel flick since Robert Downey Jr. first shocked us with his portrayal of Tony Stark in the first "Iron Man."

Marvel movieverse head honcho Kevin Feige basically confirmed that Dr. Strange would pop up as part of the House of Ideas' "Phase Three" film initiative along with "Ant-Man" and the rumored Black Panther/Iron Fist/Inhumans films.

Based on Theroux's established relationship with Marvel, could this rumor be closer to reality than it seems? Let's hope so.

[via CHUD]